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Jack is apparently teething because he chews on everything now!  He is also scooting on his belly all over the living room to get where he needs to go and grab things he is not suppose to have!


I guess we waited too long to start feeding Jack today because he started munching on his tray.  After lunch, he took a nap and must of been dreaming about hangin' wit his homey's at their cribs because his pants fell down...or maybe he was break dancing, we are not quite sure!


Jack has a huge appetite and now eats his big boy meals in a highchair.  Looks like we have a little baby bird on our hands!  I mean, his big ol' mouth takes up about half of his face!


Daddy and Jack love to play on the couch and pose for Mom!


Today we went to The Aquarium of the Pacific with Eron and Sarah (pictured with Jack in the first picture).  We had lots of fun except when the birds attacked Ellen for the stupid juice!


Today is an extra special day because Jack's Uncle Eron the Fireman and Auntie Sarah the Paramedic came to visit for the first time to meet Jack!  They are from Kansas City, MO and just loved their little nephew tons...and they gave Mommy and Daddy a break for a couple of hours too!


Today we headed down to San Diego for our long overdue visit with Jack's Auntie Eugenia, Uncle John, and his cousins Dominic and Sarah.  We are going to need to buy stock in Coppertone for this kid!


Today, we went to our friend Aidan's 1st birthday party! Aidan (with his daddy in the first picture) and our friend Harrison (with his mommy in the second picture) were long time NICU roommates with Jack!  All of our little guys are doing great considering how early they were all born.  The last picture is of "The Mom's" with our dudes!

Hey!  It's Mom's 1st Mother's Day so I thought I'd put up some of my favorite pictures of me and mom.
Happy Mother's Day Mommy.  I love you sooooooo much.

5/4/04 (1st swim)

Because of the record breaking heat we have been having here in SoCal, Jack decided he wanted to take his first dip in the pool. Even though the water was a tad bit chilly, he was extremely excited! Swimming lessons start next month!


Jack has become very mobile and likes to roll around in his blanket with his toys and he has also started getting up on his hands and knees in the last few days. Crawling is just around the corner...then all hell breaks loose! The last photo is of the poor little guy exhausted from the 104 degree temperature we had here today. He passed out before he could call room service for his chilled Pellegrino!

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