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Bath time for the Buddha Boy.


Jack found a couple of new tricks to keep himself cool in the summer heat. That lime popsicle was a big hit strangely!


Playing with Mommy on the couch is always a favorite pastime!


Jack looking just fabulous in his dark red pocket tee. We have not found a color that this kid does not look great in!

4/11/04 (1st Easter)

Looking incredibly dapper in his first Easter duds Jack hammed it up for everyone he saw the entire day. Looks like he should be at the horse races nursing a mint julep with the other socialites.


Dad and Jack look more alike all the time!


Jack begs us to take pictures of him in ALL of his new outfits, so we oblige. The second picture is of Jack and our good friend Brian who came to visit us from Omaha, NE.


Mom and Jack love to spend time talking and smiling together...but since crawling is creeping up on us, I'm afraid these play sessions are numbered.


Jack during a rare nap!


"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"


The latest series of "THE MANY FACES OF JACK"!

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