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Jack trying to "jump back and kiss himself" in the camera lens...Heeeyyy!



Jack's piano (a wonderful gift from friends Val & Janet) is his new favorite toy.  He is a very intense Schroeder type guy when he is composing!  The last 2 pictures are of Jack playing with Deep Purple on a recent tour.  The down side of touring is now the groupies will not stop calling the house at all hours!


We started eating "biter biscuits" recently and boy are they a mess!  Jack likes to pose like Elton John while tickling the ivories!


One of the first outfits we ever bought Jack before he was even born, and he only wore it this one time for these sweet pictures...he grew out of it the next day!  The pictures in the hat are Jack's impression of the Old Man of the Sea.


Let's play Gamecube Dad!

NO!  I want to play Backyard Baseball, not True Crime!

Jack's new "Give-Mommy-and-Daddy-A-Quick-Break-Saucer"!!

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Back, back, back!  Mine, mine, mine!


Jack practicing for his up coming audition for "A Chorus Line" and relaxing in the bath after an exhausting day!


Jack is moving on up!  He started crawling 2 days ago (at exactly 9 months) and is almost sitting up on his own!  He is a much happier little boy now that he is more mobile.


Little Jack was just too sleepy tonight to keep his legs from slipping off Daddy's lap.  Could he look cuter in his blue stripy Pa-jammys?


We threw Ellen's mom a surprise birthday party in San Diego and all of her closest friends and family were there.  Sarah helped Grandma open her presents and all of her grandchildren helped her blow out her candles.  Wendi, Sarah and Jack hung out by the pool for a bit then Uncle John finally gave in and made faces with his nephew!   

Daddy and Jack love to ham it up for the camera!


Jack is just dying to get up and walk away because he has places to go and people to see!  He's a mover and a shaker.

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