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Jack loves to ham it up for the camera while eating his cereal!


Learning to feed himself proves to be a messing experience...can't we feed him until he is in high school or so to avoid this part?


Big trouble is on hand for Mom and Dad not that Jack uses anything he can to climb up on the furniture!


The Attack of the Killer Piano!


Sporting a soaking wet "do-rag", Jack is trying to keep cool (and make a bold fashion statement) during the dog days of Summer while he has his one man afternoon jam session.


After a lengthy search, Jack finally found the perfect piano bench/fishbowl!


Mommy made Jack his very own tiny blueberry pancakes for the first time today.  He was a bit leery of them at first, but stuffed them down pretty quick once he got a good taste!  Of course, much of it got smashed around in his diaper, ears, hair...he does so have hair!


Here is our little Piano Man at it again!  After a hard day of tickling the ivories, Jack likes to relax with a frozen piece of cantaloupe in a fruit strainer...naked of course.


The giant Pilates ball rolled towards Jack and he looks a tiny bit concerned...but then he got over it and loved the ball!


Jack & Dad are mesmerized by the huge fireworks display off The Queen Mary on Jack's 1st 4th of July celebration.  Right towards the end he yelled out, "Happy birthday America!"  Sort of.  Ok, he really said, "Ba ba ga spuuuu!"


It's all over folks!  Our lives as we know them are now only fleeting memories overshadowed by disturbing thoughts of wounded craniums, split opened chins and floods of tears coming from of a heap of a tiny bruised ego on the floor.  Yes, it's true.  Jack is now pulling himself up onto anything that will support his hefty 15 lbs. 7 ozs. frame!

Hey, the air does actually feel thinner up here. Feets, don't fail me now!

Defeated! Get it? De-Feeted!?

Maybe if I sneak up on it.....

Feel the burn baby!

This is like climbing Mt. Everest!

Triumphant once again!

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